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RenewU Medical is designed for the individual who is passionate about living a healthy, quality life by making a personal commitment to do what is required to obtain balanced health.

Your Natural, Anti-Aging Solution Awaits

We at RenewU Medical are dedicated to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease and to promote health optimization and prevention. We are focused on natural more biologically naive modalities to help individuals manage any co-morbid chronic and or acute medical conditions. We also aim to facilitate research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. We also take tremendous pride and have an inherent desire to educate our patients, colleagues, and members of the public on anti-aging and ensuring optimal health and wellness.


"Stop suffering or dealing with unnecessary pain. The PRP therapy has been used by celebrities, athletes, and the wealthy for the last 5 years, but now is here and readily available to you. Don't let your doctor or surgeon tell you, you need surgery! Come get a free consultation and see how I may be able to help you!"

- Joseph Radich



Everything began with hormone therapy and it has been working wonders with me! I am a new person I have energy, I can sleep, all the things that I have not being able to do for years. I feel so much better and energetic.
On the beauty side...
Now my face look fresh and young with different treatments they have done on me and it has been working fabulously. They do everything in the proper measure is discreet And natural, I highly recommend JOE at REnew U medical!
Joe and Nicole are kind, caring and professional!
Don't put your face and health in the wrong hands you will regreat it.
Love it here!


I have nothing but positive things to say about Joe, he is amazing at what he does. Truly an expert! My fiancé had PRP with him about 8 weeks ago, he was extremely informative about the procedure. Checked all his hormone levels to peek his heeling performance. He is about 80% better at this point and is improving daily. From supplements to procedure he's all around improved. As I've witnessed first hand his journey. I highly recommend him and would use him myself if I needed the same treatment. The definition of a concierge doctor at your arms reach.


I received PRP treatment from Joe Radich a few months ago after a pretty serious injury (Torn UCL and avulsion fracture on my lateral epicondyle). Within a few weeks after the treatment, it was pretty clear that it made a big impact. I was able to return to the gym, and return to rock climbing months before my orthopedic provider predicted that I would be able to! I definitely recommend this treatment for anyone who has suffered an injury like this. Especially someone who wants to get back to exercise or sports as quickly as possible!



I would definitely recommend RenewU Medical! I was skeptical before I went in for a consultation and was surprised comfortable I felt speaking with Joe. He's extremely thorough and helped me understand my hormone imbalance and what I need to start feeling like myself again. Best decision I've made in a long time. 5 stars!


If you are looking for help with pain, hormonal balance and other anti-aging treatments, I highly recommend Joe! His attention to details and compassion make him a wonderful professional. He is easy to talk to and very well informed. Just do it!!


Passionate care and proven results. Your health and recovery is Joe's number one priority which he exemplifies through extensive knowledge and boundless compassion.


It's crazy, I look and feel so much better! They are very profession and most of all caring.


Love the new office! I am always so comfortable and extremely happy when i leave.


Only doctor I trust with my skin! Joe and Nicole are the very best!


Joe is very knowledgeable, patient and provides excellent care and service! I highly recommend him.


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