Biohacking Your Way Back to Optimal Health
Applying the latest technology, individualized wellness programs, and cutting-edge treatments, we can treat you with a whole-body approach, hacking your body to achieve optimal health. Personalized healthcare isΒ the way we achieve optimal and balanced wellness in turn preventing chronic disease and managing the aging process
A Few Words From The Community
  •  West Palm Beach - IV Therapy - Stem Cell Therapy  I have known Joe for years, in medicine myself as trainer and medical device representative, I could rely on countless medical professionals throughout the US, however Joe Radich is by far my provider of choice. Not only have I relied on Joe to take care of my hormones but knowing him as a skilled, conscientious provider of PRP and Stem Cell therapies I have brought my Mom to him on multiple occasions as well along with several others near and dear to my heart. He is one of the best injectors I have ever experienced or worked with and I recommend him to all without hesitation. His bedside manner and knowledge coupled with true care and compassion truly set him apart. My Mom most recently traveled from Colorado to be treated. Joe injected her right hip (botched surgery..5 later and she almost died) she now walks with a cane and is in chronic pain, her left knee and lower back. He used PRP and a stem cell allograft, I am thrilled to report she is now feeling much better with reduced pain and considerably more movement. He a cut above for sure in all of the services he offers and I feel privileged to work with him and moreover am a very grateful patient for his care and attention.

     West Palm Beach - IV Therapy - Stem Cell Therapy Michelle Cheatham

     West Palm Beach - IV Therapy - Stem Cell Therapy  Dr. Radich is amazing. Extremely knowledgeable. He has helped my mother and now he is helping me. The staff is so accommodating and willing to help you in way!!. Thank you for everything you are doing for us and now for me

     West Palm Beach - IV Therapy - Stem Cell Therapy Sandra De Rivero

     West Palm Beach - IV Therapy - Stem Cell Therapy  I have NEVER received better care than I have from Joe and Nicole. They have been unbelievably helpful to me, and their care for their patients is genuine. They are extremely accessible - imagine that! - and they base treatment on how a patient feels, rather than just test results. Joe has always given me options to consider for treatment, rather than telling me what he thinks I should do. I am truly grateful to both Joe and Nicole, and would recommend Renew U without hesitation!

     West Palm Beach - IV Therapy - Stem Cell Therapy Peggy Donnelly
  •  West Palm Beach - IV Therapy - Stem Cell Therapy  After having extreme knee pain for over a year, I convinced my husband to get stem cell therapy on his meniscus by Dr. Joe. INSTANTLY after the stem cells & PRP, he felt tons of relief which just keeps getting better and better everyday! He's back in the gym and bike riding, his quality of life is so much better! Thanks Dr. Joe!

     West Palm Beach - IV Therapy - Stem Cell Therapy ML D

     West Palm Beach - IV Therapy - Stem Cell Therapy  The staff is simply amazing! I love the way they all work together synergystically to give you the best care possible. Joe Radich is the best doctor I have ever encountered simply intelligent. He always knows the answers to all your questions. Also so personable when you are here you are not a number but a person. Thanks to all the fabulous advice I have never been healthier!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

     West Palm Beach - IV Therapy - Stem Cell Therapy Sharon BenDavid
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