Male doctor working on a futuristic touchscreen display

As read in Palm Beach Woman Magazine:

Functional or Integrative Medicine places emphasis on our bodies as a whole unit. This is very different than conventional US based healthcare that tends to be more sub-specialized. Our bodies are amazingly complex, and if placed In the right environment and supported the way it needs, can take care of itself. Functional medicine believes in restoring our bodies own natural Homeostasis, or equilibrium.

Our bodies are very complex and intricate machines, and if even one of the links in our chain is weak, it can destroy the whole chain! In functional medicine we utilize more alternative, natural based, and regen­erative therapies to help us look and feel our best inside and out. Functional medicine places much emphasis on prevention and acting and living a more proactive lifestyle; whereas conventional medicine is almost always reactive. With functional medicines we look for the root causes of our bodies biggest symptoms and utilize and incorporate healthy lifestyles to address the under­lying imbalance.