Our providers have mastered the practice of hormonal optimization by utilizing natural based therapies along with peptides, amino acids, and estrogen blockers. With controlled, supervised, and personalized hormonal protocols we are able to ensure that our athletes not only achieve their physical and athletic goals in the safest and healthiest way possible but are also able to identify their weaknesses. These weaknesses can range from a simple vitamin deficiency, improper micro/macro nutrient planning to insufficient recovery therapies during season as well as off season.

Hormonal Influence on the Athlete
– Regulating inflammation
– Recovery time
– Endurance
– Healing and growing of muscle tissue
– Body fat maintenance
– Stress and cortisol management
– Reduction of water retention
– Training Performance
– Injury Rehabilitation

The Wrong Way
Hormones like testosterone and growth hormone are powerful influencers that when utilized correctly, obtained from a proper pharmacy, and supervised by a medical provider can do a great deal of good. Having said that, there is a right and wrong way they can be utilize and you must monitor your biomarkers while on them. Competitors, athletes, and gym junkies alike that use low quality product inappropriately, with lack of monitoring, and regular testing can seriously jeopardize their gains- even worse and more importantly, risking long term health issues


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