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Your Own Personal Doctor

The traditional relationship we have with our physicians can hardly be defined as a “relationship”. Everything from making an appointment to getting more than 5 minutes of a physician’s time makes the experience cold, impersonal, and potentially ineffective. At RenewU Medical, we step outside of the traditional healthcare system and provide our patients with the utmost care.

The Difference
You will see the same provider who will stay with you along your journey, paying you personal attention, and addressing the root of your issues rather than just the symptoms. Your membership includes receiving same day visits and video chat appointments as well as unlimited email and texting. Your personal provider being always available allows you to get personal attention and your care will be tailored to your specific needs. With communication and all your records in one place, you can continue each appointment where the other one left, continuing to help you grow and optimize with someone who integrates into your life, always at hand.

How it Works
During your first appointment with your provider the following will happen
• Review your medical and family history
• Go into detail about your lifestyle including diet, exercise, sleep, and work
• Discuss any of your medical questions, concerns, and goals
• Obtain your medical records from previous doctors, imaging, and hospital visits
• Test your biomarker to get a detailed overview of your health

Personalized healthcare is the way to achieve optimal and balanced wellness, prevent chronic disease and manage the aging process. We are replacing the quick fix medical structure with a long-term healthcare relationship

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