Achieving Physiological Balance

Our team has compiled the highest quality, science-based alternative medicines available- from the purest cannabinoids to the most innovative nutritional formulas that help maintain and support preventative healthcare

Innovative Nutraceuticals

We have committed to deliver our patients the safest, high quality, best preforming nutraceuticals that are available. Biohacking your body to optimal health can be expedited and achieved with the help of at home supplementation. Our dedicated team of health and nutritional experts has gone a step further then offering you a wide array of nutritional support by taking the guess work out of you having to choose what you need. We patiently and carefully assembled our Essential kits and programs that combine everything you could need for a specific medical condition, detox, or weight loss initiative. All RenewU Essential products are GMP certified from NSF in accordance with the US Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Medicinal Cannabinoids

Farm to table- Our CBD products straight from the farm, free of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. The full spectrum cannabinoids provide you with the purest quality cannabinoids for a happy and healthy lifestyle. We aim to educate patients about medicinal benefits of our products and how they are a safe and effective alternative to many pharmaceuticals on the market. All CBD products available in various strengths and flavors and include organic edibles, various tincture formulations, organic topical salves and lotions, and non-gmo, vegan, kosher capsules.

All RenewU patients have access to our patient fulfillment service, bringing your nutritional support right to your doorstep. Patient will enjoy perks of free shipping on any order over $75 or free shipping and 10% off entire order when enrolling in our auto-pay membership.

Health at your Doorstep

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