Your body is an amazingly complex organism which can self-correct and self-heal, given the tools and time to do so. Functional medicine requires whole health thinking. Natural methods can be employed to correct cellular (cells of your organs, glands, tissues, etc.) imbalances (disease), and are used to support cellular memory and function.

A Better Kind of Health Care Functional Medicine offers a different approach to healthcare, including:

✔ Understanding the underlying cause of disease, opposed to being given a prescription for a synthetic man made symptom cover up

✔ Learning about you and the uniqueness of your body and how it reacts to environmental stresses that we knowingly or unknowingly put onto ourselves

✔ Correcting the cause of your condition so disease can be minimized and prevented

✔ Taking measures to promote health, wellness, and longevity including lifestyle modification counseling to help ensure overall wellness

✔ As a proactive consumer, you seek natural means to support health and may challenge the conventional western approach to healthcare


We have developed customized care-based healthy aging services and programs to assist you as you prepare, reclaim, maintain, and live in total wellness. At the heart of our services and programs, is the knowledge that we can help you restore balance and reawaken your body and mind’s natural healing mechanisms. Conventional and natural therapies are integrated into our services and programs, including but not limited to:

✔ Nutrition Evaluations and Counseling

✔ Hormone Analysis and Replacement

✔ Weight Management Solutions

✔ IV Therapies

✔ Lifestyle Counseling

✔ Detoxification Programs

✔ Metabolic Testing

✔ Heavy Metal Testing

✔ Food & Allergen Sensitivity Testing

✔ Nutraceutical & Herbal Supplementation

✔ Telomere Age Assessment & Treatment

✔ Oxytocin Treatments

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The first thing you will want to do is schedule a free one-on-one consultation with Joseph Radich at Renewu in West Palm Beach. During this session, he will address your concerns, assess your health and determine the best treatments to fit your needs. Please fill out the contact form below:

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