With increasing age, the majority of men find that it takes more effort for them to get sexually aroused and to achieve an erection. As with the rest of the body, muscle tone in the penis tends to slacken with age, making good erections harder to come by. When age-related shrinkage occurs it is caused by a gradual buildup of inelastic collagen (scar tissue). Atherosclerosis can occur by slow deposition of fatty substances, called plaques, inside tiny arteries of the penis, leading to impaired blood flow.


The P-Shot® procedure starts by applying a strong topical numbing medication to the penis, which makes the process virtually painless. The platelet rich plasma is then injected into a few areas on the penis. As the platelets organize in the treatment area, they release a number of enzymes to promote healing by attracting stem cells and growth factors which stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and collagen. The improved circulation to the tissue, results in better penile function with increased firmness, size and sensitivity. A penis pump will be utilized immediately following the procedure and the patient will be asked to use the pump 20 min per day for 3-6 weeks. Sexual intercourse is recommended after the procedure.

  • Up to 20% increased size and length
  • Improved circulation and firmness
  • Increased sexual desire and pleasure
  • Corrects Peyronies Disease (Straightens the penis)
  • There is no downtime and affordable compared to other ED procedures
  • Results occur 4 weeks after procedure and last at least 18 months
  • If using Viagra or Cialis with minimal or no improvement then significant improvement will occor following the P SHOT
  • There is no risk of allergic reactions since your own blood is being used

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is man’s incapacity to attain or maintain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. Causes such as age, poor blood flow to the penis, hormonal imbalance (androgen) levels, chronic illness, psychological state, stress and fatigue are contributing conditions that can cause ED. In males, testosterone plays an important role in allowing them the ability to produce an erection. Diminished testosterone levels reduce sexual drive (male libido), which in turn can impact the ability to maintain and sustain an erection.Failure to maintain an erection on multiple occasions may indicate a condition that is in need of treatment.

PRP therapy leverages the regenerative potentials of growth factors formed by blood platelets. This integrative and medically confirmed method of PRP Therapy is a safe and effective remedy for male dysfunction and male enhancement conditions. PRP is a natural alternative to medically invasive procedures or prescription drug and requires minimal downtime after treatment. In addition, this protocol produces results that are practically immediate.

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