Through all facets of life, woman have hormonal ups and downs. From infancy and puberty to pregnancy and post-partum then onto menopause, each stage with its own challenges. While we tend to only think of estrogen is the only component in women functioning properly, we tend to neglect other hormones like testosterone, progesterone, growth hormone, and thyroid levels.

In our younger years we have issues like irregular menstrual cycles, difficulty conceiving, acne, hypo and hyper thyroid conditions, and mood changes. Gynecologists often resort to birth control, IUD’s, antibiotics, anti-depressants and other synthetic substances to help mask symptoms. More often though, these can make the hormonal imbalance worse and potentially cause long term health problems.

While these hormone imbalances can happen in younger women it is most often recognized while transitioning into the onset of menopause. Even women in the best of health begin to experience unwanted pre-menopausal symptoms like mid area weight gain along with hot flashes and mood changes.

We aim to make hormonal transitions a bit easier for you. Whether it is getting a baseline in your younger years, checking on you post pardum or working with you through menopause, we have an array of natural supplements along with bio-identical hormones that can transition you smoothly.

Signs of Imbalance

– Fatigue
– Weight Gain
– Loss of Libido
– Anxiety
– Aging Skin
– Irregular Cycles
– Difficulty Conceiving
– Acne/Skin Conditions
– Loss of Muscle and Bone Density
– Hot Flashes/Night Sweats
– Insomnia
– Hair Thinning
– Mood Changes/Emotional Sensitivity
– Depression
– Loss of Vitality
– Painful/Dry Intercourse


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